Workout With A Trainer


Each year of college seemed to bring me new amazing memories but also some not-amazing weight gain.

By the beginning of my second semester senior year I was at my heaviest weight ever and decided that it was time to start losing it.  I joined weight watchers in February and lost about 10 pounds between then and my graduation in April just through changes in my diet alone.  Once I got home from school my dad agreed to get me a personal trainer for a few months which really forced me to get active again.  Now I have a goal to workout 4-5 times a week with two of those times being weight-lifting sessions and the other 2-3 times being cardio.  I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal but maybe posting this publicly will help me stay motivated 🙂

With all that being said one thing I’ve always avoided when going to the gym is lifting weights.  My personal trainer, Carlie, has somehow made me kinda-sorta-sometimes enjoy it!  The reason that I used to avoid going near the weights area was because I had absolutely no idea what to do or how many times to do it.  So today I’m sharing my entire workout from this morning for you to do on your own–it’ll be like you’re working out with your own trainer (but for free!).

If your gym doesn’t have the equipment needed for one or more of the workouts then just increase the amount of time that you do the other workout in the pair and repeat just that workout three times before moving on!  And if you’re just starting out with lifting weights then start out light and work your way up to heavier weight as you feel more comfortable/strong.

Good luck and let me know if you are going to give this a go! 


Do each workout in a pair for 45 seconds.  Repeat each pair 3 times.  Rest for 45 seconds before going on to the next pair.

  1. Rope Slams // Push-Ups 
  2. Ring Rows // Ball Slams
  3. Body Weight Squats // Over-Head Presses
  4. Step-Ups On A Bench // Reverse Flys
  5. Kettle Ball Swings // Stationary Bike With Moving Arms – Use Only Arms To Move
  6. Jacob’s Ladder // Rest For 45 Seconds
  7. Plank // Sit-Ups
  8. Lunges // Jump Squats
  9. Row // Rest For 45 Seconds
  10. Plate- Ground To Overhead // Plate Overhead Lunges