Why I’ve Been MIA And Why I’m Now Back

Hello again friends!

After just hitting a year of blogging (woahhhhh) I do believe we are now friends.  Some of you are older friends and some of you may be brand-spankin-new friends.  But friends none the less.

And as friends of mine I feel you deserve an explanation as to why I took a bit of a break from blogging.  The reason is actually quite exciting for me…I STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

If you want the whole truth then you should know that starting a Youtube channel has been something that I’ve wanted to do since the beginning of this blog so I can’t believe that I’ve finally buckled down and done it.

When I first started my blog a year ago I became instantly obsessed and the thought of starting a Youtube channel got pushed to the side a bit because of how focused I was on this little piece of the internet, which was bringing me so much joy.  But over time my excitement to sit down and write sometimes felt like a chore and my desire to start a Youtube channel once again started pushing itself to the forefront of my mind.  I finally decided that if I was going to do it then I had to stop thinking about it, set my fears aside, and JUST DO IT.  So…I did!

Since Youtube was completely new to me it took me a ton of time to get the basics down.  During this time I needed to take a breather from blogging.  Now that I have a handful of videos published and am starting to get into the routine of my Youtube world with filming, editing, etc. I decided the time was right to get back to blogging as well.

The first thing I wrote after my blog-break/youtube-start was a review on the Estee Edit.  I couldn’t BELIEVE how good it felt to write.  It didn’t feel like a chore in the slightest and was the most fun I’ve had writing in such a long time.  I was back and felt better than ever about my blog and what I wanted it to become.

Being on Youtube for even this short amount of time has really forced me to put myself out there and try to feel comfortable showcasing my personality.  I never realized what an impact it would have on my writing.

Even as I’m writing this the words are flowing out and I feel HAPPY to be writing.  I am not worried about being perfect.  I’m just enjoying being myself…Imperfectly Rachel…and I’m remembering all the reasons that I wanted to start my blog in the first place.

I’ll start posting my videos on the blog soon but in the meantime please check out/subscribe to my Youtube channel by clicking here or by searching “Imperfectly Rachel” in the Youtube search bar.  And if you have an extra second then leave a comment on one of my videos and let me know that you came from the blog!  It’d make me so happy to have your support on Youtube as well <3

Until next time!


P.S. if you want to watch the first ever video that I made for my channel here you have it!  My September faves video is coming out next so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss it!