The Birkenstock Look At Half The Price

Okay I’ll admit it…it took me a while to get on the whole Birkenstock trend.  In fact I wasn’t able to fully come around to it until I actually had my feet in a pair of those bad boys.  But once I did there was no turning back.  I’m officially their #1 fan.  The problem was that when I got around to ordering myself some I was shocked at the $140 price tag of the pair I was looking at.  Being fresh out of college and with no steady income that was a price that made me think twice.

Luckily enough Macy’s was there to save the day.  My mom and I were doing some shopping to get her ready to go to a big birthday party and (of course) a stop at the shoe section was a given.  That’s when I saw them.  Madden Girl had made a Birkenstock look-alike with only a $50 price tag!  For something that looked identical and was also EXTREMELY comfortable I was more than happy to buy something off-brand for $90 cheaper.

A love affair has since ensued and the thought of wearing another pair of shoes out the door has yet to cross my mind.

Get them and you’ll fall in love too… I promise.


Madden Girl Brando Footbed Sandals

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