Review: My Makeup Brush Set

When I first got my Oval Makeup Brush Set from My Makeup Brush in the mail I wasn’t sure where to begin.  I’ve seen similar looking brushes online but have never used them myself!  I’ve now tried out all 10 brushes with every bit of makeup and have figured out where I think they work really well vs. where it’s probably best to stick to a more traditional brush. 

Where they rock:

The brushes are soft yet dense so they are perfect for any liquid makeup that needs to be blended.  Think foundation, concealer, highlighter.  The largest brush of the set is now my favorite foundation brush of all time.  It blended in my foundation like a dream and didn’t leave any streaks which I’ve never experienced before.  The large size of the brush also meant that it took a lot less time than it normally would to get on my foundation.  The thin narrow brushes also work amazing for a few powders.  Filling in my eyebrows was super easy and the thin shape is perfect for putting shadow on your lower lash line.  

Where they fall short:

Most powders.  It was difficult for me to get the right amount of setting powder, blush or bronzer with these brushes.  The blush especially packed on a lot more color than I normally would like.  The denseness also made it difficult to put on eyeshadow all over the lid or to smoothly blend shadow into the crease.

Overall, these brushes look beautiful and work well.  I’ve found a new favorite foundation brush and for such a good price (the 10 piece oval brush sets sell from $25 to $40) I would recommend looking into getting a set for yourself!