November Through My Phone

November left me a lot to be thankful for.  The weather has been warm enough to actually enjoy the fall and days such as Thanksgiving allowed me to spend time with friends & family.  I also am now a couple months into having a full-time job (woo!) at an amazing company!  I’m going to start this through my iPhone series as a way to share what I’ve been up to for the past month and to try and motivate myself to start taking more pictures of my day-to-day life!  I love having pictures to look back on but in recent years have almost stopped taking them all together.

Here’s what kept me busy in November:


1 & 2 – I love everything about the fall.  The clothes, the warm drinks, the pumpkin flavored treats, and especially watching the leaves change! My boyfriend and I went on a walk through a local park one day to get outside and enjoy our fall surroundings! 


 3 – For the first month or so after I started working I seemed to forget my fitness & health goals.  I am still struggling to get workouts in before/after work but have started making the effort to get in some more healthy meals!
4 – A yummy dinner compliments of work 🙂


 5 – Every year on Thanksgiving Eve my high school friends & I go out.  This year we had a dinner together before we hit the bar! I had my bf snap a pic of us while we waited for our food to come out!
6 – I somehow managed to not take any pics of all the delicious food I ate on thanksgiving (including a peanut butter pie I made!) BUT my post-food nap was unknowingly pictured by my boyfriend. I can’t even be mad about it because it shows me cuddled up with my favorite pup 🙂


7 – Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving the Christmas tree goes up at my boyfriend’s parent’s house!  We always help put on all the ornaments!

8 – Northstar is one of my favorite places to eat!  I’ve recently tried their brunch menu for the first time and it’s just as good as their normal one!

Hope you all had a great November!