My Once A Week Products

Some products really need to be savored (or dragged out because they’re expensive) and can do wonders for your skin/hair but aren’t necessary to use every day.  Here are the 3 products I treat myself to using once a week to help out my face, hair and body:

  1. GlamGlow Supermud – I put a thin layer all over my face after cleansing and leave on for a half hour.  After washing off with warm water the blackheads on my nose are significantly less visible and my skin has a nice clean glow to it. This stuff is what I was talking about when I mentioned not using it a lot because of the expense ($69 at Sephora) but thankfully a little goes a long way so the small container will last a very long time.  I’ve also never experienced any irritation which is a plus.  It did take a couple of uses before I really started noticing results but now I can’t wait to put this stuff on my face once a week.  
  2. H2O Plus Body Oasis – Every time I open this I can picture the ocean which is reason enough to get hooked.  While it does a great job of exfoliating it also keeps my skin feeling hydrated at the same time (which isn’t always the case with body scrubs).  
  3. Amika Nourishing Mask – This is my first ever hair mask so I guess I don’t have anything to compare it to…but then again I’m not sure if I ever will since I plan on repurchasing once I’m out.  I put this on in the shower instead of my usual conditioner once a week and let it sit there for a while while I shave, etc.  The scent is amazing and you can tell from just putting it on your hair that it is going to be really hydrating.  Once dry, my hair feels so healthy, soft and nourished! 



GlamGlow Supermud Treatment

H2O Plus Body Oasis Body Scrub (Similar)

Amika Nourishing Mask