Must Have Holiday Candle

I’m always candle obsessed but I find myself getting extra excited when specific season-scented candles come out.  And although it’s only the beginning of November I’ve already decided on a favorite winter/holiday candle for this year: Candy Cane Lane by Yankee Candle.

I’m often scared to try candles that from their name sound like they will be obviously sweet but I decided to give this one a go as I’m a fan of peppermint.  And I am oh-so happy I did!  It does smell of a sweet peppermint but has the perfect happy medium between being able to smell it but not being too intense like a lot of other holiday-scented candles that I’ve tried.  I also love that even after I’ve blown it out and left a room it will still smell amazing when I come back a while later!

Basically, it makes me happy…and very excited for snowy weekends spent on my couch.  And that’s what holiday candles are for.