May Through My Phone

1.  I went to my first blogger meetup!  Yay!  One thing that I was really looking forward to when I started my blog was getting to connect with other local bloggers so I finally joined a facebook group which led me to an invite for a meetup.  It was a crafting night and although I am probably the least crafty person of all time (I know I know doesn’t quite fit with being a blogger) I gave it my best shot.  Although everyone else did a much better job I don’t think I did too awful…what do you guys think?

2.  My boyfriend’s sister made this cake for her son’s birthday party.  Needless to say I was beyond impressed.  It looks like something straight from Pinterest…only better.

3.  I introduced my little sister to the world of Snapchat filters for the first time.  The face-swap was definitely the biggest hit.

4.  I love exploring new places but there’s also something wonderful about exploring your own city.  

I have a pizza addiction. 

1.  I was hoping that the warm weather would get me back into working out but over the past month I only worked out once.  This is especially bad since I’m trying to lose weight.  Any motivation/tips that have worked for you would be greatly appreciated!!

2.  I also have an ahi tuna addiction.

3.  Alex (my boyfriend) got me this Rebecca Minkoff bag for Christmas/Hanukkah and I’ve been in love with it ever since.  It’s just so beautiful!

4.  Cirque du soleil always has the most amazing shows.  Alex and I went to see their show “Toruk” which is based on Avatar.

1.  Some more Columbus explorations.

2.  …and some more proof of my ahi tuna addiction.

3.  Hummus <3

4.  Alex took me on a long 5 mile walk in Cleveland which ended with this awesome view of the city.  But needless to say my calves were very very sore for the next few days…I really need to start working out again.