March Through My Phone

It might be April but it sure still feels like the middle of winter….sigh…I am definitely ready for spring time and some nicer weather.  Overall I guess I can’t complain too much since this has been a pretty mild winter with some really nice days sprinkled in!  I got to enjoy a few of those nicer days last month!  Here is what I was up to in March (as told through my phone):

1.  If you follow me on Instagram then you already know this but while I was in Chicago (more on this soon) I tried the #1 burger in America!  If you’re ever in Chicago go to Au Cheval and give it a try! Yummm

2.  I got my first VoxBox from Influencer! It included some random goodies like a tshirt and coasters but also a coupon for 2 free inspiralized entrees from Houlihans.  Unfortunately the coupon has already expired and I never got a chance to try it out but let me know if you guys have ever ate there before and if I should try it out anyways!

3.  Selfie with the bestie (gotta love a good rhyme).

4.  I reposted this video from Hollister onto my Instagram (watch it here) after the terror attacks in Brussels.  It was really cool getting to lend my hand (literally) and be a part of this.

1.  Happy hours at work work work work work work are the best.
2.  I have FINALLY tried out all of the bath bombs that I wrote about in this post and am thinking of writing a new post actually reviewing them and showing what they looked like in the bath!  What do you guys think?  Is that something you would want to read?
3 & 4.  Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day!  My boyfriend and I went up for the weekend where we drank some green beer, ate some good food (aka that burger), and sorta saw the river be green.  We went a few hours after the initial dyeing and it was more of a murky dark green than the vibrant green I was hoping for :/

Hope you all have a wonderful April!  Let’s hope it warms up soon!