Lush Review: Ranking Of Bath Bombs

 A few months ago I wrote a Lush Haul where I wrote about some of the bath bombs I had in my collection and was excited to try out.  Fast forward to now and I have officially tried them all!  As fun as it is to showcase new products I also think it’s valuable to actually show what they looked like and what I thought of them!  Here is a ranking of those bath bombs from least favorite to favorite.

5.  Pink

I have yet to try a bath bomb that I didn’t like but it was easy for me to decide that this was my least favorite out of the five.  It has a nice scent and did leave cute hearts floating in the bath but overall it wasn’t anything special.  Outside of a nice color I like my bath bombs to actually benefit me by, for example, leaving my skin feeling soft.  With Pink I left the bath the same as I went in.

4.  Yog Nog Bath Bomb

Yog Nog turned the bath a beautiful yellow color and smelled amazing.  The scent stayed on my skin for a long time after I got out of the bath which always adds some bonus points!  Would I use it again?  Definitely!  But there are a few bath bombs that I would reach for first.

3.  So White Ballistic

I sometimes get the most excited to try the Bath Bombs that are the most plain looking because it usually means they are going to feel luxurious.  Take away all the frills and cool looking designs and you’re left with So White Ballistic, a simply good product that leaves your skin feeling great and your body feeling relaxed.  Although I will admit I do like to have the best of both worlds!

2.  Sex Bomb

Unlike So White, Sex Bomb is as beautiful in the bath as it is out.  It turned the water a vibrant shade of pink and smelled lovely.  I can get quite impatient as some bath bombs seem to take forever to dissolve but this one worked quickly!  Still, I couldn’t quite give this one the number one slot…

1.  Twilight

Twilight was the clear winner to top my list!  It is beautifully designed but the real magic happens when you pop it into the bath!  Pink and blue colors start to swirl out in such a cool way AND it leaves you feeling extremely relaxed.  This bath bomb really is the complete package.

What do you guys think of this ranking?  Do you agree with it or would you switch it around?