Lush Haul

The only thing that I have ever regretted about my relationship with Lush is that I didn’t fall in love sooner.  Their bath bombs have become a regular purchase but recently I’ve started to branch out into some of their other products as well. 

Over the holidays I went into the store to pick up some gifts for friends & family but I walked out with a few goodies for myself too.  Add the Lush gifts that I received for the holidays and I have a pretty fun collection to try out!  

Bath Bombs

So White Ballistic (top row left) // Yog Nog Bath Bomb (top row right) // Pink (bottom row left) // Twilight (bottom row middle) // Sex Bomb (bottom row right)

If I had to pick I would say that I’m the most excited to try out “Twilight”as it smells AMAZING and has such a cool design!

Body Conditioner

My other new Lush addition that is NOT a bath bomb is the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. I have only used this product once but am already so obsessed.  They had a couple of different body conditioners in the store but this was by far my favorite.  It has such an amazing light rose scent.  

For someone who is extremely lazy when it comes to putting on lotion after the shower this product seemed pretty genius.  It feels thick and luxurious when putting it on and instantly makes my skin feel moisturized.  It’s honestly just as much an experience as having a bath with a bath bomb in it.  After I washed it off my skin was so soft and smelled amazing.  There was definitely no need to apply a lotion after the shower!  I could go on and on but basically…Lush did it again! This product exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to continue to use it.  

Do you use any of Lush’s body conditioners yet?!  And which bath bomb should I try first?!