January Through My Phone

 How is it that January has already come and gone?!  It finally started to feel like Winter and snowed–which I was excited about and then quickly over once I had to start driving in it.  Here is what I was up to for the past month:

1.  Bowling! I am an absolutely awful bowler but I went with a group of friend and actually had a really fun time despite being the worst one there!  It is definitely an activity I would be happy to do every once in a while when everyone is at a loss for what to do!
2.  CANCUN!  This was definitely the highlight of January.  My boyfriend and I went on vacation in Cancun, which you can read about here, and had such a wonderful time.  Being in the sunshine and having an ocean to look out at all day long made me so happy.
3.  Pina Coladas were one of my drinks of choice while on vacation.  So yummy and a drink I only have on these types of trips!
4.  Ok so I’m kinda obsessed with my new Frends Headphones and couldn’t help but take an airplane selfie with them.

1.  This is what I came home to after being spoiled by sunny weather on vacation.

2.  One great thing about the cold/snow is that it makes having a bath even better.  I finally tried out one of my bath bombs from this post  and was instantly relaxed.  I went for the Yog Nog Bath Bomb!

3.  I got a new shirt from Express (get it here) over Black Friday and finally wore it out!  I love the lace up.

4.  Woohooo!  After several shipping issues my Hunter Rain Boots finally got delivered!

1.  If someone asks what I want to eat there is a very good chance that I’ll be picking a Mexican restaurant.  Momocho in Cleveland has quickly moved to my favorites list and their guacamole sampler is the main reason why.

2.  One of my Christmas gifts from my boyfriend’s family was a Spiralizer so that I could make zucchini noodles!   I have a post coming up with a dish that I made!  

3.  Skiing!  Another activity that I’m not very good at but enjoy doing anyways.  I used to ski a few times every year but then stopped.  It was really fun getting back out there and hitting the slopes again.

4.  During our lunch break from skiing the restaurant we ate at brought out complimentary mini hot chocolates!  They were so cute but also some of the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had!

1.  Back to the whole Mexican food obsession…I also love a good margarita.

2.  Since starting this blog I’ve been experimenting a lot more with different lip colors.  I posted this shot to my instagram  showing off my new Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in “Dark Night Waterl-Oops!”

3 & 4.  There are so many great restaurants in Columbus that I have been looking forward to trying.  These amazing ahi tuna tacos & pizza are from Forno.