First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser: Review


Although I do have a normal face cleansing routine, I’m always excited to try out a new product. I recently tried the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser and am pretty happy with it! It did a great job of taking off my makeup (a must for me as I’m normally not willing to add an extra step to my already lengthy nighttime routine) and left my face feeling very clean. There wasn’t a strong scent which added to the gentle feel of the product.  It also lathered up well so a little went a long way.

Overall I think this is a nice cleanser that I would definitely continue to use! I wouldn’t let it completely replace my routine but every now and then if I need to take off my makeup or if I am packing and don’t want to bring too many products this would be a great option!

Does anyone else prefer to only use face washes that will also get the job done of taking off their makeup!?  Or am I the only lazy one when it comes to this…