February Through My Phone

Is anyone else in disbelief that it is already MARCH!?  Where did the time go?  February has always been a month that I look forward to because of it being my birthday month.  But even with the fun of a birthday I am sorry to say that I didn’t have a trip like cancun that left me with lots of phone pics for this post like I did last month.  Regardless, here’s what I was up to for the past month (as told by my phone):

1.  BIRTHDAY SUSHI!  I could seriously eat sushi every day so this was an obvious pick for where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner.
2.  As much as I hate being cold there is nothing like being cozy by the fire when it’s freezing out.  Thankfully there are plenty of fireplaces around work’s campus to keep me warm.
3.  Some of you may already know this from twitter chats (follow me on Twitter here) but for those of you that don’t….brace yourselves for some pretty shocking news….I don’t like eggs.  This can make it difficult to pick out a great option when out for breakfast (I much prefer brunch).  But even with the egg on top I will say that this “hangover pizza” was amazing!  I kindly let my boyfriend steal the pieces that the egg was covering.
4.  It was one of those rare winter days where the sun is shining and you just want to be outside.  A friend snapped this pic of my boyfriend & I enjoying the warmer weather.

1.  S’mores!  Back to the fires all over campus–one day at work all of the associates got to go out and make s’mores and get some free coffee!  Not a bad afternoon!

2 & 3.  If you remember from this post I had a lot of Lush bath bombs to get through.  I have been taking pics of them for a future post for you guys!  This was the Sex Bomb and it was lovely.

4.  I have been having major puppy fever recently (to the point of going on petfinder.com and looking up potential puppies) but am aware that now is not the time to get one.  Thankfully for a Valentine’s Day celebration there were puppies brought into work!  My entire day was made but it was a struggle not to take this little guy home with me. 

Hope you all had a wonderful month!  Cheers to March!