Estée Edit Makeup Review

HI LOVIES!  It’s been a hot minute (ok more like a hot month) since this blog has gotten any love.  I’ll do a post soon as to why but today I want to focus on the amazing ESTEE EDIT!

Since I received these products I have been testing them out and now feel ready to share my thoughts with all of you!

Here’s what I’ve been working with:

Beam Team Hydrate + Glow

This is a true “team” product.  Inside the Beam Team Hydrate + Glow tube is a hydrating lotion that also happens to give off a luminous glow.  I use it under my makeup as a lotion and primer in one on days when I want a dewy, glowy base.  Flip open the cap and you get a more concentrated creme highlighter to use on your cheekbones and wherever else your heart desires.  This isn’t the most crazy highlight I’ve ever used but it’s a nice added touch to my already glowy face.  *Score*

The Barest Lip Color
06 Nude Scene
The Barest Lip Color lipstick is actually a lip balm/lipstick mix (I’m starting to see a trend with these products….) that is beautiful but most definitely not nude.  It looks super dark in the tube but is actually very buildable so you can get a lighter wash of color from it if you want.

Pore Vanishing Stick
The timing of me getting the Pore Vanishing Stick couldn’t have been better as I had literally just run out of my other primer.  I’ve never used a primer in a stick form before and thought it was the most genius thing ever until I actually started to use it.  I find it annoying to try to put all over my face and end up going back in with my fingers to rub it out anyways.  But as far as being a primer, I’d say it does the job pretty well.  Although it doesn’t vanish any pores, I can actually see it blurring out my complexion and mattifying my face as I swipe it on!

Flash Illuminator
02 Morning Light
How much do I love highlight you ask?  Enough to where I like to apply a creme highlighter under my powder highlighter.  This Flash Illuminator would be gorgeous to wear on its own but I especially love it layered under my fav powder.  It’s the perfect champagne color that I think would look beautiful on any skin tone!

Have you tried any products from the Estee Edit?  There are 82 products in the line and something tells me they are all just as gorgeous as these.

I received these products complimentary to test and review.  All opinions are my own.