Brazilian Blowout: Worth The Money?

While on vacation in Mexico my cousin Emily was telling me about how she had just gotten a Brazilian Blowout to help keep her naturally very-curly hair manageable.  I had never heard of it before and was put off by the expense but by the end of vacation she had convinced me to give it a try.  I figured that now was an especially good time to try it since I was leaving to study abroad soon and it would be extremely convenient to not have to worry about my hair as much while I was there. 

When I got back home from vacation I did some more research on my own and then booked an appointment with my cousin’s Selena Gomez look-alike hair dresser.

The Brazilian Blowout was by far the most I’ve ever spent at a hair appointment (about $200 not including tip and the sulfate-free shampoo I bought) so I was really hoping that it would be worth it.  The process itself took around 2 hours and consisted of putting the treatment on my hair, sitting with it under a heat lamp, washing my hair, blowdrying my hair until it was perfectly dry, straightening it, etc. Nothing too bad but a bit of a process.  The finished product, however, was complete perfection.  I swear my hair has never been so shiny, straight, and healthy looking. 

I did ask plenty of questions throughout the appointment and Selena Gomez warned me that it would probably not make my naturally wavy hair completely straight, just a lot smoother.  So I enjoyed my perfectly straight hair until it was time to shower and then I nervously watched it dry.  For the first while after I got the Blowout it did dry pretty straight compared to my normal hair.  Eventually, it did go back to drying more wavy, but still in a much more frizz-free way than I was accustomed to.  And since frizz was my main problem with my natural hair I was actually able to enjoy my waves!  I straightened my hair once during the four months that I was abroad but then realized I really didn’t need to.  If someone had told me that I would feel comfortable going out to clubs in my natural post-shower air dried hair I wouldn’t have believed them.  But here I was!  And although I did notice it wearing off little by little as the months went on I was still very impressed by the fact that it did last for several months in the first place!

For your reference here are two pictures of me before and after the blowout.  The picture on the left was taken before I got the treatment done and the picture on the right is maybe a month or so after.  As you can see my hair was by no means turned straight, just made a lot smoother!

I got the Brazilian Blowout done one more time the Summer after I got back from studying abroad and loved it just as much (if not more) the second time.  Apparently the treatment tends to build on itself each time you get it so I got even more straight-looking hair from the second time around.  I haven’t gotten it done since because it is so expensive but now that I’m a working girl I might just have to splurge 🙂

Should you do it? Overall if it’s something that you can afford I would definitely recommend it!  It will make your day-to-day routine a lot more simple and quick!