Best Of “Imperfectly Rachel” 2016

2016 was the first full year that I had my blog.  It has brought me so much joy over the past year, but I’d be lying if I didn’t also say that it brought me some stress.  I had so many hopes for what my blog would become in 2016 and, just like a few other goals of mine *ahem weight loss*, I felt like I didn’t quite get to where I wanted to be.  I found myself thinking so much about what more I could/should have done, that I almost forgot about all the amazing things I did do.

With that being said, here are my top 5 posts from 2016, proof that maybe I did accomplish more with this little piece of the internet than I had originally thought.

  1. Lush Review: Ranking Of Bath Bombs – This was my most viewed post of 2016, and I gotta say, I really loved all of the hard work that had to go into my research.  I mean…I had to take a lot of baths.  I think 2017 calls for an updated ranking!
  2. Brazilian Blowout: Worth The Money? – Not many people have heard of or gotten Brazilian Blowouts, so I loved getting to share the whole process.  For something that is quite expensive, I hope it helped steer some decisions!
  3. Travel Tuesday: Cancun – I love to travel and have been pretty lucky that I’ve gotten to go to quite a few places!  This trip to Cancun was my first vacation since I had started working and I had the most amazing time.  I love getting to look back at these pictures and remember just how beautiful it was!
  4. Review: My Makeup Brush Set – Look at me!  I’m a real blogger who people want to send stuff to!  This was such a fun thing to get in the mail as I’d never used oval brushes before.  I know most people probably hadn’t tried them either so it was awesome getting to share my opinions (good and bad) on them.
  5. CaseApp Phone Case & Giveaway – Going off of the above, this felt like my first real brand partnership where someone legit had reached out to me, offering to exchange a free product for an honest review.  I remember reading the initial email and being SO happy.  I have since collaborated with CaseApp a few more times so it also ended up being one of my best partnerships to date!

Hope you enjoyed this 2016 throwback from Imperfectly Rachel and that you got to check out any posts you may have missed the first time around!  

Wishing you all an amazing 2017 🙂