At Home Teeth Whitening Review + GIVEAWAY

I’ve been on a “whiter teeth” mission for a few years now.  I started that mission as many do: with crest white strips.  And I had the same result that many do: meh.  From there I decided to talk to my dentist and see what the options were.  My dentist suggested that I go with an at-home whitening tray that they could provide for me.  
The whole process boiled down basically went like this:
1. They made molds of my teeth at the office
2. I came back to the office to pick up the plastic molds of my teeth and the whitening solution
3. I whitened at home
And did it work?  Definitely.  But over time I wanted my teeth to be even whiter. It was around this time that Smile Brilliant reached out to me to see if I would be interested in testing out their at home teeth whitening kit.  I was definitely curious as the whole kit and process seemed exactly the same as my experience from the dentist…except this time there would be no need to drive anywhere.  Their ingredients were also vegan and cruelty-free which I loved.  So I decided to give it a try.

The box arrived with everything that I needed to make my teeth impressions at home, as well as everything that I would need for the whitening later on.  There were very clear directions (I’m a directions freak so I always appreciate when things are super clear) and extra putty to make my molds in case I messed up (which I did the first time…oops).  Once I had made my teeth impressions I just mailed them back to Smile Brilliant and shortly thereafter they mailed me back my perfect-fit trays.  Then the whitening began!  The amount of time and how often you whiten depends on your sensitivity.  I landed on whitening for 45 minutes roughly every other day.  If the sensitivity ever felt a little too much one day, then I would give it an extra day or two in between.  
Speaking of sensitivity, the teeth whitening kit also came with desensitizing gel, which was NOT something that I got with my whitening treatment from the dentist.  After you are done whitening, you brush your teeth and then put the desensitizing gel into your molds, leave it on for about 20 minutes, and then just spit out any excess (do NOT brush your teeth again!).  This stuff really works.  I did still experience some sensitivity but there was a huge difference from when I used the desensitizing gel and when I didn’t.  
Now, of course, this is all great, but the most important thing is if my teeth actually got whiter…and they did!  So overall I would definitely say that this at home teeth whitening kit is worth a try.  It was pretty much the exact same process as what I had gone through with my dentist, except I never had to leave my house…and got desensitizing gel to help with the sensitivity.  If you want to read some more testimonials you can check them out here!

So now for the really exciting stuff…the GIVEAWAY!  One person will be able to win an entire Smile Brilliant whitening kit for free!  All you have to do is fill out the form here. You can also get $15 off your trays by using the code “imperfectlyrachel5″.  The giveaway is open to USA, UK, Australia, and Canadian residents. The winner will be randomly selected on 8/19/17. Good luck to everyone who enters 🙂

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for partnering with me on this post.  All opinions are my own.

Whitening Teeth At Home