April Through My Phone

1 & 2.  I GOT A BALAYAGE!!!  And I love it.  I haven’t switched up my hair in sooo long and I think the start of Spring was the perfect time to do it!  The first few days I couldn’t stop staring at my hair in the mirror thinking how blonde it was!  I’m pretty used to it now but still so in love! 

3 & 4.  It was a sunny day with nothing to do so my boyfriend and I stopped by a local beer store and tried out some new beer!  I typically only like wheat/german type of beer and tried out this amazing grapefruit one!  Not too high in alcohol content but definitely very tasty and perfect for a post-up-on-the-driveway-on-a-sunny-day type of vibe!

Oh you have a S’mores dessert on your menu?  I’ll take it.

1.  Out for my best friend’s birthday!  Not pictured: the ridiculous pink princess hat that I made her wear earlier in the night. 

2.  I’ve been pinning matte nails for the longest time and decided to give it a go.  I loved the way the black matte looked!

3 & 4.  I learned to love pad thai in college (maybe a little too much) but really hadn’t had it since I graduated until this dinner!  Yum!