Wednesday, July 27, 2016

June Through My Phone

1.  I've been much better than usual about routinely getting my nails done and have especially been loving pale colors.
2.  Street art in NYC!  Yes, I know it's been forever since I've posted and yes, I know this "through my phone" post is closer to August than June but I've been bad at posting regularly for a reason!  I've been traveling a TON over the past two months.  The first of the trips was to NYC.
3.  Gov Ball for a day!
4.  Pizza is always good.  Free pizza at a blogger meetup is even better. This was at Brewcadia for all my Columbus readers!

Rooftop bar in NYC.

1.  Breakfast sandwich from Super Chef's
2.  Home <3
3.  Cotton Candy flavor is my all time fav.
4.  The next of my June adventures was to VANCOUVER!  It is such an amazing city.

1.  I want to do a whole post on my trip to Vancouver (and then Seattle) so I've only picked a handful of pics to share right now.  A little sneak peak!
2.  Capilano Suspension Bridge!  There were a bit too many people on this bridge at one time for my liking.
3.  Seriously're gorg. 
4.  Alex and I found a nice little spot to watch the sunset.

1.  More sunset pics... I just couldn't get enough!  This was taken from a water taxi.
2.  Waterfall pit stop on our way to Joffre Lakes.
3.  Went hiking at Joffre Lakes.  It's one of those places that is so beautiful that you almost don't want to show pictures to people because you know they won't do it justice.
4.  Made it to the third and final lake!  Took in the view with a PB&J (as seen on my snapchat...follow me: rachelshnayder)

1.  A few hours on the train and we were in Seattle!  One of the first stops we made was to see the Space Needle!
2.  Flowers at the Pike Place Market.
3.  Gum wall!  Gross and cool all at the same time.  Our hotel (Hotel Max) had a free gumball machine so we were able to add to it.
4.  I'm a sucker for a Ferris Wheel ride.

WHEW!!  And that's it for June Through My Phone!  This was a hard one to write up as I had so many pictures to choose from.  Hope you enjoy them and be on the lookout for a more detailed post about my travel adventures! 


  1. Love this idea for a post and your nails are gorgeous!

    Parie x

  2. Love your approach to blogging! Your pictures are beautiful!!

  3. I've never been a nail person, I can admire nice nails on other people, but it's something that I have never bothered with myself. I'm kind of lazy like that haha! It's not as if I have my own nails to make up for it either!

    Oh a trip to NYC! That's exciting! I went to NYC in December and it was amazing! I loved the street art there, there's was so much to see. My favourite piece was on Staten Island, it was a huge animal mural on the side of a pet shop!

    Oh my, that is a crazy amount of people on that bridge! I don't mind heights, but I do mind people, I don't think that would have been for me!

    Vancouver looks like a beautiful place! I would love to visit Canada some time!

    What an awesome June! I hope your August is just as awesome!

    Must admit, the red waffle looks kind of weird.

    ~ K


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